Guidelines for Church Marketing Campaign

It is always sad to see a business closing down due to bankruptcy, but it’s far worse to see a Christian church not reaching its full potential. Direct response can help any congregation grow with engaging and consistent outreach efforts. You already know some people who you believe needs to hear the Word of God, or probably just someone who has not been attending a church regularly. But to effectively market them, you need to gather more specific details first.

Here are five guidelines you can use to achieve a progressive marketing campaign for your church. Bear in mind that not all of them may be suitable for your congregation, so might as well try a few then move on to the rest if you get good results.

First up, create a list of people whom you think might be interested or those who already are searching for the right church. Divide them into certain groups according to age or occupation, depending on you. A targeted list has a higher chance of getting better solutions. Be sure to focus on the main message of the letter to the people you’re reaching. A letter you would send to an unbeliever will be different to a letter you would send to a believer who is just a little confused. With an unsaved person, mention about the present situation and tell how Jesus Christ can help them face it with courage. The format or design of the letter should be not so formal, as if talking on a face-to-face manner. This would look more appealing and casual. Provide illustrations and examples to further elaborate on your purpose.

Direct response mail is one of the most powerful methods for Christian marketing and it has proven its potential to reach hundreds and even thousands of people. Sadly though, it’s still untapped by most congregations. These basic rules should apply when creating direct response mails. Always hand-address the envelope, it makes the mail more personalized. Use powerful and accurate testimonials; do not give them a reason to throw the mail away in a trash bin. End the letter with something that they need to do, perhaps join one of the church’s local activities. And finally, give something away for free as a token of them taking some time to visit the church. These are all easy to follow and if you could add an extra mile in doing so, the better.

Second, have an ad in the newspapers. This can reach a lot of people quickly. Not just once, though. Having a weekly or monthly column would suffice more. Provide people with something solid, and you will quickly generate a response. This would need an adequate amount of funds, as newspaper space is quite a premium, especially if you want it placed in the prominent section. Third, if the news ads won’t work, try voice. It is a more powerful tool than print. In the current world we have, most people like to be surrounded with noise. Though you only have a couple of seconds, it’s still rendered more useful than having it in print.

Lastly, statistics show that doing a one-on-one visitation is still the best means of reaching out and encouraging more attendees in your church. Though this may take some time and effort, it’s still worth it eventually. It just takes patience and dedication sometimes. Nonetheless, if you’re really willing to take the risks and submerge yourself on evangelizing, then go on with it. There is nothing to lose, but definitely more to gain.