Why Work With a Capital Equipment Dealer? Why Not Go Directly to the Manufacturer?

Are you considering purchasing capital equipment? Concrete Plant, Asphalt Plant, Lathe, Press Break, Plate Shears, Packaging Equipment, Conveying Equipment, Automated Storage, Printing Equipment, Extrusion, and other larger high value equipment are all considered items of capital equipment. Below are some considerations you may find helpful in making a decision.

Same Pricing or Better

General Info to Understand

  • Not all manufacturers sell direct. Some manufacturers only sell through a dealer network, so by contacting the manufacturer they will simply direct you to a dealer that sells their equipment in your area. If a manufacturer does sell direct, the list price on equipment sold by the manufacturer and their dealers is commonly the same.
  • Manufacturers selling direct commonly staff a small sales team of salaried individuals, and will not typically negotiate much on the sales price of equipment ~ to keep their dealer network happy.
  • Manufacturers commonly offer dealers pricing significantly below list price to entice the dealer into using its own resources (staff and money) to market and sell their equipment.

Why would a Manufacturer do this?

It makes financial sense to a manufacturer. They do not have to incur the high cost associated with sales and marketing. By establishing dealers, a manufacturer can market its product over a larger territory leveraging the resources of local dealers that professionally market and sell associated products and services.

How could pricing from a dealer be cheaper than direct from the manufacturer?

As mentioned, to keep a dealer network happy and to not decrease the value of their equipment, a manufacturer sets a list price, and usually sells their equipment very near that list price. A dealer is more likely to offer significant discounts on the equipment because they are able to purchase the equipment at a wholesale rate and may choose to sell the equipment at a lower profit margin than the manufacturer suggests.

Enhanced Customer Service. Experience Larger Scope of Services.

Many dealers, offer multiple lines of equipment as well as installation and service of your equipment purchased… One company able to service all of your equipment, installation and maintenance needs… One company able to service, understand and troubleshoot your entire system. Most manufacturers will only service their own equipment, and often “blame” poor system performance onto another piece of equipment manufactured by a different company.

Better Communication / Greater Response.

The primary purpose of a dealer is to facilitate the sales and marketing efforts for a manufacturer. Equipment dealers are staffed, trained and equipped to help ensure you get the equipment and service you need. A manufacturer’s primary function is to manufacture and they are frequently not equipped to handle large volumes of inquires and sales activities. Best of all worlds Working with a dealer and taking advantage of all of the benefits a dealer has to offer does not preclude you from contact with the manufacturer. Most manufacturers want to get to know their customers… they just don’t want to have to find them.

7 Article Marketing Lessons I Count on Each and Every Day

Is article marketing profitable? Can you really make a full time living creating and then distributing quality content around the web, or is there a “catch” you must master to really make it work?

The truth is, in my own business, I’ve come to rely heavily on creating content for both my traffic, my TRUST and my ability to bond with and sell to my readers. There is NO substitute for being able to communicate with your readership in a language they like and understand, and to be able to convey PASSION and commitment in a way that makes folks feel invested in your marketing, and your message.

Here are the 7 MOST important lessons I’ve learned about making money online, and as an avid article marketer in a multitude of niches as well!

1 – Quality is CRITICAL

When it comes to creating content that actually CONVERTS, there are no shortcuts. Your results are going to be directly proportional to how much “care” you put into your content, and communicating your authority and expertise

2 – Quantity Counts, Too

You’ll never make a full time living as an article marketing maven, by writing 1 article a day. I know there are people who will tell you this is true…..but I’ve yet to see one myself. I dedicate 2 hours a day to writing as much quality content as I can, and over the years, my speed has gone UP exponentially….while the quality of my content has stayed good as well.

3 – Keep it Simple

I read a funny story about Presidential speeches a few months ago, that I find is VERY relevant for writing articles. When the language, tone and tempo goes beyond a High School English level, the attention, and effectiveness of the speech goes down dramatically. I’ve found the same things in my own content creation efforts…and the BIG takeaway is this: Be direct, be informative and don’t sound too smart for your own good!

4 – Your Niche is Important

Especially if you are an affiliate marketer. Picking small niches is rarely a smart strategy if you are serious about traffic, and sales. The BIGGER the ocean, the more opportunity there is to make money, and this is even more important if you are selling products as an affiliate. (it’s also important if you are selling your OWN services as well – lots of competition is a GOOD thing!)

5 – The Title Can Make or Break Your Content (and Campaign)

Nothing is more important that a good title when it comes to creating content that converts. Why? Because with so many other authors out there, if you don’t step up and stand out with your title, the content you create gets lost in the maze and haze of so many submissions. Long verbose titles work BEST for me, and if you try them, I’ll bet they’ll do the same for you!

6 – Reward with Your Resource Box

I hate to see resource boxes that are “me” focused, because they rarely convey the sorts of benefits, or compel enough curiosity to create a click. I don’t care how many people READ your articles, if they don’t click through and don’t visit your offer, the work you’ve done has been in vain. Keep your resource boxes benefit laden and experiment! Be bold, be audacious and make BIG promises…..and you’ll find that your rewards will be magnified as a result.

7 – Lastly…your LANDING page counts, too

So many people forget that the landing page is important, and plays a big role in the continuum of content marketing. You need a landing page that is clear, has a DIRECT relationship to the article they just read that brought them there, and is clean, simple and easy to understand.

As a rule, don’t include multiple ads, or blog posts or offers……you want a LINEAR message that makes it very clear what they need to do next to get the MOST benefit from what you have to share.

Let Your Business Reach More People With Search Engine Marketing

Advancements in technology have encouraged business owners and retailers to opt for search engine marketing (SEM) to advertise their business. Compared to traditional mediums, this method reaches a wider audience and is also more affordable. With the help of professional SEM providers, you can can easily optimize your online marketing budget and devote more time to fulfilling your core business objectives.

The Internet has made it possible for more people to reach each other and communicate. This is why more businesses are starting to use it as their primary medium for advertising.

More consumers are also using it and search sites to research on products before making their purchases either in an actual store or online. Because of this, marketers are developing new ways to direct potential customers to the websites that can provide the products or services they are looking for.

One of the most effective forms of search engine marketing is paid placement, or increasing a website’s visibility in top search engine pages such as Google and Yahoo!

Some SEM providers do more than just direct people to a company’s website. They come up with strategic keywords and also take the time to research on their client and the industry that it belongs to. This knowledge can help guarantee that the traffic directed to the client’s website is not only increased, but also targeted.

Aside from increased and targeted website traffic, professional SEM providers can also handle the bidding and positioning of their clients on search websites. Through consistent placement and positioning, clients can effectively market products and services on the Internet and get the conversion that they’re aiming for.

Resource Box

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